For Sale

Well, I mentioned in the springtime posts that we had started looking at houses in the country.  While we were in Door County with the in-laws one of the houses that we saw during our tour of country homes became a bit more interesting. We thought long and hard and when we got home we took another look and made an offer. It was accepted. It is contingent of the sale of our current house and so for the fourth time in our married lives Josh and I are presenting our house for sale. Wish us luck.

Learn more at: 9 Glenway

9 glenway house


9 glenway first floor


9 glenway berooms


9 glenway the rest


Baby and Books: A quick shower review

Two weekends ago my mom and I hosted a baby shower for my cousin and her husband. It was great to have a fun excuse to see my cousin that we only see once or twice a year. My mom and I had a ton of fun planning the event. We planned a book themed baby shower to help build the baby’s library. Here are some quick photos. More details and finished portraits will follow when I get a chance to put it all together.


Mad City Chickens 2012 Coop Tour

Last year we spent several hours touring neighborhood coops on the Mad City Coop Tour. It was really neat to see the different coops/setups and talk to the different homeowners about their experience. It really was useful for me to see how the chickens fit into a urban situation. This year we felt like we should give back to the tour and participate as one of the sites. The kids were really excited to answer questions about the breeds of chickens and the number of eggs they lay. They were answering adults questions about the chickens. They fed the chickens treats with the other curious kids. Josh answered lots and lots of questions about the cameras and other monitoring equipment mounted in the coop. There was a pretty constant stream of interested people.

coop tour

The very last person who came through was one of the organizers from Mad City Chickens. When we told her the breeds of our chickens we learned that we had switched the identity of the breeds of Buffy and Comrade as chicks. With this new information, we discussed as a family if we should stick with the names we had been using or if we should switch them. We decided to switch them. So let me reintroduce them to you. Buffy the Easter Egger bantam is on the left and Comrade is on the right. Sorry gals. It really was so obvious once someone pointed it out!

new names



Terraced Beds in the Terrace or Gardening on Glenway

We love the location of our house. We like that we are in a neighborhood near a huge park with walking paths through the woods and our backyard is populated by mature trees. However, all of these huge trees mean that we do not have a lot of great growing space for a herb or vegetable garden. In every house we have owned (yes, this is number 4) we have had or installed gardens. The available garden space at this house is in the terrace (the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street).  There were two challenges with this space: it is on a hill and the water connection for the drip irrigation system that we desired was on the other side of the sidewalk. We have not had a lot of big projects at this house and it was spring when I got excited about these garden beds. Because everything seems possible in spring Josh set about solving these problems and builidng beautiful beds.

garden beds

Josh figured out that if we trenched from the hose connection near the house that we could tunnel PVC under the sidewalk and run the pipe along the length of the beds with a connection for the drip irrigation at each bed. The beautiful cedar beds are completely level because the raised portion is built to the slope of the hill (yea math). We get tons of compliments on the beds and we now have an herb garden and veggies that we will be able to harvest through the growing season. Thanks for making my vision come to life honey!

On a bit of a roll from the garden bed project, Josh also quickly built a three compartment compost bin to help us deal with house organic waste, chicken bedding and garden waste. It is perfect for our house (those little black plastic ones that you see in every yard in madison just were not big enough to deal with the amount of compostable material we were generating) and now we had garden beds to top dress with the compose. A win-win.



Springtime part 2

Here is the second installment of Springtime miscellany.

spring 2012 part 2


From top left to right

1. Kite flying at Hoyt park

2. Farmers market treats

3. Dandelion picking at Donald Park

4. Nora’s go to school night

5. Still thinking about the Sweet Farm

6. Nora bike riding with dad on the tow behind

7. Nora horseback riding at a Brooke’s birthday party

8. Kratoska boys birthday party.


Summer Preview

May has been a whirlwind and it seems like if I blink it will be summer vacation. I am still in a bit of denial about this little fact. This weekend was hot and we spent a bunch of it outside – spreading mulch and attending the school’s Fun Run and Garden Party. Even though it had started to cool down as the time approached 5pm the kids still wanted to play outside. So out came the sprinkler and the beach towels. A preview of summer vacation to be sure.


Springtime 2012

There were bits and pieces of this spring that didn’t warrant a dedicated post. So I will present them together.

spring 2012



1. From the upper left moving down, we introduced Molly to the chickens – all was well and they are off to a peaceful co-existence

2. St Patricks Day parade – We went to see Raya dance in the parade – the children also discovered that people throw candy at parades (We are not big parade fans so Josh and I have managed to keep this little secret from the kids until now)

3. First lemonade stand of the season with the neighbors

4. Top Middle Photo – Hanging out at Hoyt Park while on a dog walk with teh neighbor kids.

5. Molly’s new field cut.

6. Easter egg hunt

7. Right top – Nora jumping rope

8. Grandma Kati reading the kids her newest published book

9. The MLS listing that started us looking at country houses.


Who had a birthday party?


April 8, 2012 - 7:34 am eric:p - Excellent as always. Baby cuteness + Superb photography = WIN!

A photo a day project

I am sure you have all seen 365 day projects. It seems like everyone it doing a photo-a-day project. It seemed like a great new year project and a fun way to capture everyday moments with my iphone. After about 60 days I missed a few days and then it seemed like more of a chore than fun so I gave up. I may try again at another time but for now I do have a couple of months of photos.

365 6

365 1


365 2


365 3


365 4

365 5


Looking back at these I wish I had pressed on and continued getting these everyday moments. Well there is always next year.


Super Bowl Babies

They could have cared less that there were was a lot of awesome food (Korean tacos! yum!) or a football game, but the babies did seem to enjoy getting to play with lots of people. I enjoyed getting to lay on teh floor and take some pictures before they were too tired to play. I adore these 10 month old babies – the cheeks, the leg rolls, the smiles, the drool…. thanks for the baby fix (oh and the football party too!)