4 months

Wow – 4 months old – time seems to be flying by and I know I have not been posting as many pics as some people might like but the last few weeks have been taken up primarily with potty training (Ben not Nora) and I just have not been taking that many pictures of the kids. Oh well.

So at 4 months Nora rolls from back to front easily (she started about two weeks ago) – though when she gets to her tummy she gets pretty angry as she can’t yet roll the other way. She has been staying up for longer periods during the day and delights in watching Ben. She will soak her chin and shirt blowing raspberries for minutes on end.
She is definitely a thumb sucker, well actually she sucks the thumb and index finger of her right hand. She has this sort of laugh thing that she will do in response to our laughs. All in all, she is a delightful, sweet, smiley baby (except for in large group situations around bedtime – but who can blame her).

Ben continues to be an adorable big brother – tonight after dinner he laid down by her on the floor showed her his calculator (he calls it a cal – clee – ator) and his watch. He then left her the calculator saying he was sharing it with her and went to get a book to read to her. Really one of those times that makes your heart melt.

Well I am off to bed but here are a few pics from last weekend. I just love this first picture she seems really confused about who was holding on to her lip!