Memorial Day Q

The memorial day Q used to be all about the friends, food and drinks. It is still is, it is just that now it has the addition of a few attention grabbing kids and ends a bit earlier in the evening. It is good to see people and I know that it is because I have two small kids, but I never feel as though I finish (or sometimes even start) a conversation anymore at parties. Fortunately, the kids themselves provide lots of good entertainment.

I always want to spend more time taking pics at these gatherings, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. here are some quick shots from today.

I totally missed getting the shots of Eric chasing Ben and Raya around the yard with a pair of grill tongs.
here is a quieter moment. Eric reading Ben, Frog and Toad.

Ben and Raya playing – I wish I could remember some of the adorable and baffling things they say to one another. They really are getting even more fun to watch

I don’t remember the beginning of this conversation …
Dug to Ben: Are you going to work for the CIA?
Ben to Dug: Are you the big one with a beard?

Maybe you had to be there, but I did manage to grab my camera and get a few blurry shots of the teary-eye laughter that lasted long past when Ben even realized that he was responsible for all of the laughing


We tried to keep Ben busy by asking him to use his stopwatch to time how long it would take to run to the back of the yard. He did it a few times and then he turned the tables. Here are a few pictures of Dug and jrh running…this is not a usual sight for a Q.



and for those of you who come just to see pictures of Nora – here is one. She actually slept for most of the party.