This week

Just a few pictures from this week. It was kind of a long week. Ben was home from preschool and it was pretty warm. Ben was being three and testing limits all week. Maybe it was coming off of a four day weekend – but the week just seemed really long and challenging. However, if I think about it, it was still pretty good. Here are our highlights.

Nora had her four month check up. She’s doing great and in case you are interested her stats are

weight – 12lbs 9oz (21.63%)
length 25" (72.95%)
head 41.2 cm (52.66%)


Potty training continues and Ben has fully engaged the reward structure. I really thought that I would never bribe my kids to do things, but after using stickers, charts, chocolate, a solitaire hand held game to get the kid to pee on the potty (which in the end has been pretty much mastered and is going beautifully). we now are using a kid MP3 player to reward him for mastering the remaining bathroom activity.  By the way the  "music player" as ben calls it is a mixed blessing. It is great because you can drop it, it has headphones that fit his head, and the volume is limited so he can’t hurt his ears (a key selling feature). An added bonus is that he can listen to his music without me listening to it. As much as I love his Music Together music classes and I love that he loves to listen to the music over and over, I don’t want to hear it anymore. There are only so many times you can listen to "Old Brass Wagon"  without wanting to pull out your hair. However, it doesn’t take actual MP3’s. You have to rip things to their software off the CD. It is a slow process and jrh has been a sport about doing it because he has the only windows machine in the house and it doesn’t work on the Mac. Anyway, Ben has been enjoying his 30 minute reward uses of his music player and I have been seeing scenes like this all week.


In a not kid related event, last week I finished the Learn to Row class at the Mendota Rowing Club and this week I decided to try out the adult novice program. Though I have been going to the gym regularly for 3 years now, it is still kind of surprising to me that I have decided to join something that is a team sport. I was never into team sports when I was in high school (debate might have have had teams, but carrying boxes of paper around high schools on weekends doesn’t make it a sport). We’ll see how it goes. So far it just seems like I will never be any good at it… I guess everyone feels this way starting something brand new. It is great being out on the lake  and I like that I am taking advantage of living a couple of blocks from the water. Practices are tuesday and thursday nights and wednesday mornings at 5:30am – I managed okay this week, but I am not a morning person.