Dozer Days

This Saturday we took a very quick trip to Dozer Days. Ben thought that the big trucks were pretty cool (Much better than when we went with Christie and Max two years ago and he got in a truck and immediately started crying and signing "help") . He was less cool (though okay) with the long lines and when the rain started coming down hard we  were one of the "less motivated" families who left . We went to La Hacienda for  lunch (you can often find us there on weekend afternoons – usually after the zoo). I did take a few pics before I felt the rain was threatening my camera



This wil be the last year for Dozer Days at Wingra. Their stated resaon is "to give employees a break". It is not like this event runs every weekend! It is once a year. It is a fundraiser. The employees volunteer. It is awesome for PR. I just don’t get it, maybe there is a story we don’t know about….Maybe we will have to grab some grandparents and try out the Milwaukee version of this event. Dozer Day at the Halquist Stone Quary in Sussex