Color Tools for scrapbookers (and others)

I don’t scrapbook as much as I used to (too busy taking pics of the kids to have time to preserve them lately). I was supposed to scrapbook with a friend this weekend, but we rescheduled. However, this left me with scrapbooking on the brain this week.  And so finally I bring you this post about these color tools that I think are really useful and inspirational.

The first site allows you to upload a picture and it will pull out individual colors. It makes matching colors for layout and picking color pallets pretty easy.

I imagine that it would make matching colors a breeze if you were doing digital layouts. Also, the site works pretty seamlessly with flickr.

The other site is not really new to me, but I figure as along as I am talking about color I would point other people to it because I think that it really fun. Adobe’s color application kuler is is a great community of color.


You can view color schemes others have submitted (searching by most popular or searching by tags) . If you find a color scheme you like you can comment on it or just add it to your favorites. Also, you can drag that scheme into photoshop (great for the digital scrapbooker).


Creating your own color schemes is fun and fast. The color wheel application allows you to choose a base color and apply color rules to it (monochromatic, complementary, etc) or you can freestyle it and see what you come up with. The slick flash application allows to to quickly mess with the base color and instantly see the results.  You can name, tag and save your creations.

Besides the obvious graphic design application, I think that if this app had been out when we were picking paint colors for our house it would have been really useful – or at least a really fun waste of time.