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Mostly amused at the amusement park

Josh’s company had a family outing at Six Flags. I hadn’t been there since sometime in college. I have a love-hate relationship with the place as I like roller coasters but really get motion sick on spinning rides.  I was excited to see what the kids like or didn’t about the experience. Carnival games, junky food, a small roller-coasters, smaller kiddie rides, bumper cars and a ropes course were big hits. A lot fo the other stuff didn’t even tempt my family.

Nora and I went on the demon roller coaster and a tilt a whirl ride while Ben and Josh politely sat them out. Nora probably would have gone on a lot of spinning rides if she would have had a willing partner but it was all I could do to hold it together on the one ride.

I can’t say that our family is a huge fan of the amusement parks but we had an enjoyable day in the midst of all the crazy packing/moving stuff back at home.

six flags