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Terraced Beds in the Terrace or Gardening on Glenway

We love the location of our house. We like that we are in a neighborhood near a huge park with walking paths through the woods and our backyard is populated by mature trees. However, all of these huge trees mean that we do not have a lot of great growing space for a herb or vegetable garden. In every house we have owned (yes, this is number 4) we have had or installed gardens. The available garden space at this house is in the terrace (the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street).  There were two challenges with this space: it is on a hill and the water connection for the drip irrigation system that we desired was on the other side of the sidewalk. We have not had a lot of big projects at this house and it was spring when I got excited about these garden beds. Because everything seems possible in spring Josh set about solving these problems and builidng beautiful beds.

garden beds

Josh figured out that if we trenched from the hose connection near the house that we could tunnel PVC under the sidewalk and run the pipe along the length of the beds with a connection for the drip irrigation at each bed. The beautiful cedar beds are completely level because the raised portion is built to the slope of the hill (yea math). We get tons of compliments on the beds and we now have an herb garden and veggies that we will be able to harvest through the growing season. Thanks for making my vision come to life honey!

On a bit of a roll from the garden bed project, Josh also quickly built a three compartment compost bin to help us deal with house organic waste, chicken bedding and garden waste. It is perfect for our house (those little black plastic ones that you see in every yard in madison just were not big enough to deal with the amount of compostable material we were generating) and now we had garden beds to top dress with the compose. A win-win.