“madoes” and sunflowers

When you first move into a house you have a list of projects a mile long that will get done "right away". Then you realize that you have to unpack all the boxes and your kids want to wear clean clothes and eat food and you slowly start living life and some of the projects fall by the wayside. After a long winter we are always exctied to restart some of these projects. This year we decided to take a patch of grass just off our back dor and turn it into a herb and tomato garden (we get the rest of our veggies from our CSA).

Every project takes longer then you think it will. Digging up the grass and preparing the soil for a garden was backbreaking and caused us to scale back the size of the plot. Then jrh decided that he would install a drip irrigation/ automatic watering system. It took a while to get all of the right pieces and to test and trouble shoot. We got many of our plants (including seedings from the MCMS plant sale) in the ground qite late. However, looking at the garden today you could never tell. The watering system works perfectly. We have beautiful herb, tomato and sunflower plants in our garden. We have super happy bees and more tomatos and tomatillos than we know what to do with…..


The kids have watched the progress of the garden with great interest. Ben points out the many bees that are busy pollinating and nora says "I want madoe" every time we walk to and from the car – she eats at least 10 charry tomatoes a day – actually we all (except for ben) snack on the cherry tomatoes all day long.


The sunflowers are really great right now they really liven up a boring spot in our yard and today we talked about life cycles of the flower Ben and I chatted about whether it would be better to collect the sunflower seeds to plant net year or just to let them fall where they may to see how many survive.


For now I am not really wanting to think abotu the end of the
sunflowers. It feels like summer just started, even though I look
across the street and see the brillant orange leaves floating down
reminding me of the long cold winter to come. Well at least it will give us the opportunity to plan next years outdoor home improvement projects!