Springtime 2012

There were bits and pieces of this spring that didn’t warrant a dedicated post. So I will present them together.

spring 2012



1. From the upper left moving down, we introduced Molly to the chickens – all was well and they are off to a peaceful co-existence

2. St Patricks Day parade – We went to see Raya dance in the parade – the children also discovered that people throw candy at parades (We are not big parade fans so Josh and I have managed to keep this little secret from the kids until now)

3. First lemonade stand of the season with the neighbors

4. Top Middle Photo – Hanging out at Hoyt Park while on a dog walk with teh neighbor kids.

5. Molly’s new field cut.

6. Easter egg hunt

7. Right top – Nora jumping rope

8. Grandma Kati reading the kids her newest published book

9. The MLS listing that started us looking at country houses.