Not your hippie’s canvas bag


Now you should know that I have nothing against hippies or canvas bags; however, we got these adorable little bags about a month ago and they kick the canvas bags booty and they are super cute to boot.

They are called Envirosax. The five bags roll up and come in their own little pouch that fits in the car easily. They are super light, durable, hold a ton of groceries ( like two of the usual plastic bag), can be rinsed off easily and like I said they are cute. Everytime I take them to the co-op I get compliments. They make me happy – now has a plastic grocery bag ever done that for you?

I got them from (the old and a new style are on sale today June 12th only There is free shipping and if you use the code ECOdelight during checkout to get an additional 10% off)  If you miess them on delight, you can get them from the company site or here