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Mad City Chickens 2012 Coop Tour

Last year we spent several hours touring neighborhood coops on the Mad City Coop Tour. It was really neat to see the different coops/setups and talk to the different homeowners about their experience. It really was useful for me to see how the chickens fit into a urban situation. This year we felt like we should give back to the tour and participate as one of the sites. The kids were really excited to answer questions about the breeds of chickens and the number of eggs they lay. They were answering adults questions about the chickens. They fed the chickens treats with the other curious kids. Josh answered lots and lots of questions about the cameras and other monitoring equipment mounted in the coop. There was a pretty constant stream of interested people.

coop tour

The very last person who came through was one of the organizers from Mad City Chickens. When we told her the breeds of our chickens we learned that we had switched the identity of the breeds of Buffy and Comrade as chicks. With this new information, we discussed as a family if we should stick with the names we had been using or if we should switch them. We decided to switch them. So let me reintroduce them to you. Buffy the Easter Egger bantam is on the left and Comrade is on the right. Sorry gals. It really was so obvious once someone pointed it out!

new names