Family gathering

Sunday we gathered in Oshkosh to enjoy the pleasant weather and each other’s company. For a much of the family it was their first time meeting Nora. She was her usual pretty mellow, enjoyable self.


Ben was tired and crabby from a late night at the baseball game and once he was finally down for a nap I got to snap some pics. Little 15 month old Maddox was a doll


His brother wowed everyone with his mad hitting skills – though here it is clear that he was just enjoying himself.


I tried to get what I thought would be an adorable pic of all three of Autumn’s boys in the hammock. Let’s just leave it at it didn’t turn out. (So sorry for leaving ya out Nick!) But here is a cute one of just two of them


I did manage to get some other pics at the event (not as many as I would have liked because of bright sun and needing to attend to my own kids) but the rest can be found on flickr. You can click on the badge at the left to get to my account.