my new favorites

These are my new favorite Nora photos – she’s almost 6 months old (where has that time gone) and she has finally figured out how to roll over both directions. She can and does do it all the time now – even when swaddled to sleep. She blows raspberries with an intensity and duration that I don’t remember Ben expressing. Her eyes are still mostly blue – with a little brown around the pupil – it still surprises me sometimes when I look into her eyes, though I think that they are beautiful. She loves paper and books – not to read them, but to eat them. If you are not paying attention she will  turn the subscription card from your favorite magazine into a gummy mess. Her brother can still make her smile and laugh better than anyone else – mostly by getting in her face and letting her grab his hair, though sometimes a good round of "peek" will do the trick. She is on the verge of a big belly laugh, but apparently we have not been funny enough quite yet. It is fun to watch her change, but sad to realize the little infant is vanishing. . . but that is why I take pictures right?!


I didn’t pose her for that really.