First Day of School


Ben actually had three short says of orientation at his new school last week. A half hour meet the teacher which seemed to pique his interest in the school, classroom and teacher and two short days with the new students in his class which were both followed by bouts of sadness that he has to leave after only an hour and half. Many kids were upset by the separation from their parents at the beginning of the day, but Ben was upset by his separation from school at the end of the day. "I am so sad. I am so sad that you are making me leave. I am so sad and mad at you for taking me home. I am too sad to think about what I want for lunch….."  This is what I heard at the end of the first orientation day as I carried him out of school sobbing. At the end of the second day he saw his parents and pointed at us and said "I don’t need you!" jrh talked him down this time and we ended our day on the playground asking the teacher why we couldn’t have school on Saturday and Sunday. It is cool to see him so excited about his new school.

Ben’s real first day of school was today and it went just fine. He woke up early this morning and was excited to get his day started. He was a bit short of details about what actually happened at school today. His answer to what did you play with at school today was " I won’t tell you" This is usually Ben-ish for "I don’t know what something is named." He was happily exhausted when I picked him up. He ate a massive lunch and took a really great nap. I am sure that as he learns what things in the classroom are called and has names for his classmates that I will get more details. But for now he seemed satisfied with his first regular day he was ready to come home today but said that he wanted to go back tomorrow.  So far so good.

Note my "first day of school" pictures are unedited as I am learning a new software program. And you may wonder why I took a picture of him getting in the car. Well, I figured since I won’t have the opportunity to take getting on the school bus pictures that it was the next best thing. I thought that it might be fun over the years to track not only how Ben changes in these first day pics but also what vehicles he rides in year to year. This little civic that jrh drives probably is not long for this world and I figure by this time next year Ben will be chauffeured to school in a different car. Okay I really need to get to bed our new schedule has us getting up a bit earlier.