7 months


or at least she was 7 months when I took this picture – now she is 7.5 months and getting cuter everyday. Her hair continues to grow in slowly, but she definitely has more hair now. She is not crawling yet, but she is really trying to figure out how to move once she gets herself in a crawling position. Though she continues to be a bit of a quiet baby, she now makes a large variety of sounds. She continues to make a "kkkk" sound whenever she spots either of our cats. She seems to finally be coming into her own with solid food consumption – she actually seems to have her will aligned with her ability, in terms of getting food  into her body. Tonight she fed herself a few O’s for the first time. This seemed to make her very happy. She loves it when jrh or ben play with her, and she still fusses if she notices me leave a room. Her two teeth are now prominent in her mouth – but she still has a mostly gummy smile. She is not as cuddly as she once was because she likes to be free to move, but she will sweetly put her head on my shoulder at bedtime. I can’t believe it has been over 7 months she seems like such a big girl now.