Christmas at Home

We celebrated christmas at home by having breakfast treats, openings presents, playing with new toys, eating pizza for lunch and hanging our together while staying in our jammies all day.  I was most excited to give the kids new cameras. They have anjoyed their previous cameras in spurts and I wanted to get them something that would produce some printable results. I love seeing the world through their eyes and and I full adknowledge that the gift was just as much for me as it was for them.

The thing I love the most about the photos the kids took is that for both of them the first photo was of the other….

Ben’s first photo

You can see the rest of his photos from Christmas here

Nora’s first photo

You can see the rest of her photos here

The kids got many gifts they enjoyed a lot – I don’t mean to take away from the lego Mindstorms Ben got (jrh was most excited about this present) or his new wii game or Nora’s Playmobile swimming pool. Josh and I got some great gfits as well, but honestly the best part was just being together and not having anywhere to go or anyone to see….. it was the start to a great holiday break.