Trick or Treating (and a bit of a historical tour)

For as long as we have had kids, we have trick or treated with the Brutlers (not their real name just how they are known around our house). Over the years the kids have grown and my low light photography skills have improved dramatically but our Halloween night date has remained the same. It is actually quite embarrassing to post these. but I felt compelled tonight to pull together a retrospective. Enjoy.

Makes me so happy to look at these photos. I know at some point they will want to go without us. Though I secretly ope that maybe we can rope in the Macenbergs (again our made up name for them) and convince our kids to stay with us long enough to help with the triplets. But no use thinking about the future, we had a good time tonight. Everybody tolerated me and my camera.

and the light lasted long enough for a few action shots…

including a few of the candy eating that caused Nora to moan “my tummy hurts” all the way home….