‘Twas the night before Halloween

and all through our house there were preparations for the big event. Well, the preparations have been happening for quite sometime as grandma has lovingly sewn and assembled the necessary items for the transformation of our children to a princess and a ninja (thanks again mom). The kids were waiting all day for the arrival of their grandparents (and the costumes) and proceeded to excitedly try everything on (which was handy for me because I could photograph them today and not worry about it too much tomorrow). The costumes turned out great and it was hard to tell them they had to take them off so that they would be looking great tomorrow because I know that they are seriously excited.

We also carved pumpkins (nothing like leaving it to the last minute – but hey they are not all squirrel eaten or rotten for the big day) and had a family dinner….. even though there was a lot of anticipation in the air…. it is still the calm before the storm… or do I mean the post trick or treat sugar meltdown!