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Chicks: Now with feathers and names

Our little fluffy chicks are huge! They have real feathers on their wings and this week a few of them have been named. I thought that we would continue to call them by their breed names rather than pet names; however, over the weekend I was informed that the Red Star is now named Comrade. The Easter Egger is now named Buffy (because she was suppose to be a Buff Orpington, but those eggs didn’t hatch so the Easter Egger was a replacement). The Barred Plymouth Rock is now named Hathaway (after Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway). The Australorp still needs a name. She’s the all black one. Feel free to suggest a name.

The kids check on the chickens each morning before camp and when they lean down to look at the chickens they will come up to you to look back (though stick your finger in and you will get pecked). Today they seemed a little more chill while being held and it is amazing to see them spreading their wings! The outdoor coop is 95% ready. Nora helped with the painting and Ben helped construct the ramp to the roosting box. Feeders and waters need to be hung along with the indoor roosting pole and the coop should be ready for occupancy this weekend – you can be sure photos will follow!