Birthday Boy

Ben is four years old today. He is very excited about this fact and for weeks he has been counting down and telling everyone he meets that his birthday is coming. I hope that it is not too much of a let down for him. So far things seem to be going pretty well.

We woke him up this morning and brought him into the office to see his new computer and very own desk and chair. This computer is faster than his old one and the desk and chair should at least slow down Nora’s interference a bit.


Then Nora and I went ot Ben’s school for his birthday celebration with his class. His class has a really nice tradition of having kids parents bring in pictures and tell about what they were like at various ages and then they light a candle and walk the Earth around the “sun” for their number of years. The also eat treats and sing happy birthday. Ben really seemed to enjoy the special attention from his classmates (especially some of the older ones) I just love how kind, thoughtful and polite all of the kids in his class are – way to go Maria Montessori!