Snippets from this Montessori school year

These are completely random moments from Nora’s and Ben’s school year at Madison Central Montessori School. I was not present with my camera for all of these days, many of the Nora photos were taken by Nora’s classroom teachers (I have them because I do the yearbook for the school). I love it when I come across these moments and realize I am looking at my kid. It is better than finding a stray $20 in your jeans.  I adore the mix of actual montessori work (from her morning classroom time) and her after school play times at school.

There were not any surprise photos for Ben’s class (I was present for every photo below). It is still neat to be able to capture the non-traditional individually motivated work in progress. Next year, I want to make sure at the beginning of the year that all of the teachers know how to work their classroom cameras – not just for me but for the yearbook as well.  Even the most boring photos when put together paint a picture that I love to see develop.