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Ugvcl Solar Rooftop Agreement

The Commission also found that solar projects registered under the REC mechanism for the sale of electricity to third parties would apply to 100 % of the cross-subsidy premium applicable to ordinary open-access consumers. You decide to install on your roof the maximum allowable photovoltaic installation, which is half of your approved load or 2 kW. It will cost you $1,68,000. You benefit from the maximum subsidy of ₹ 20,000 from the State Government, which represents the effective cost of your solar installation ₹ 1,48,000. This facility will produce an average of 250 units of electricity per month and supply the grid. Thanks to the net measurement, you are now charged 600 – 250 = 350 units per month, and so your new bi-monthly bill after installing Solar seems like a great way to invest your money – as this article shows, if you have an attic without shade, you can install a solar power plant. Save money on your electricity bill and thus earn a considerable return on your investment. The Commission explained that for electricity produced from small solar projects between 0.5 MW and 5 MW, the purchase price would correspond to the tariff rate set for projects outside the solar park under a tender procedure for different six-month periods, plus an additional ₹0.20 (~$0.003) /kWh. The useful life of solar projects during the new normal period is 25 years. The Commission also noted that solar projects commissioned during the new control period and signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) would be allowed to sell electricity to distributors in Gujarat. . . .