Scheduling Agreement Em Portugues

O leitor Lucas Moreira Delaqua envia nos a seguinte mensagem: Assim, a partir de todas as ocorrências dos termos em questão no CorTec, examinamos as acepções em que são empregados para determinar a tradução em português. “Neither this Participation Agreement (including schedules and exhibits for this purpose), nor any other operational documents, nor any written statement made or made by or on behalf of the Guarantor.” “JH must inform WI in writing in the form set out in Annex A (“Availability Communication”) which presents the approximate volume of the minutes” translated: anexo “The report of the auditors shall be annexed to the annual accounts and read at the meeting of the members where the accounts of the company are presented or served on the members”. tradução: anexar3 3Annex na acepção de anexar ocorre apenas 3 vezes no corpus inteiro. Attach seria o termo correspondente a anexar que ocorre com mais frequência em inglês. (a) (2007). Corpus of the contractual instrument. CorTec – Corpora Technician. Comet project. FFLCH-USP 2 » test. (Civil lawsuit) if you are referring to the seizure of the debtor`s property before the conviction (prejudice), translate the seizure by seizure.

After the sentence (reassignment) translate by input. (Castro, 2006) “Annexes and Annexes: All Annexes and Annexes referred to therein are included in this Agreement, as if they were fully set out therein. “Schedules are subject to change without notice. » Translation: Calendar Below, the reader finds the chosen terms, the corresponding number of occurrences – allowing the reader to observe what is most common – the grammatical class, the number of meanings of each term with authentic examples as well as the translation proposal according to the context represented. (b) CARVALHO, L. (2007) The translation of binomials in common law contracts in the light of linguistic corpora. [Masters] FFLCH/USP. “The client`s papers and property include correspondence, transcripts, exhibitions, expert reports, legal documents, physical evidence and other objects reasonably necessary for the client`s representation” M.M. de (2006) Diction of Economics Law and Accounting English/Portuguese Portuguese/English. London. 1Corpus of Contractual Instruments with 204,249 tokens, 6,041 types and T/T ratio of 2.96 (click here). . .