Sales And Service Agreement Singtel

Subsequently, however, he discovered that the MIO TV is a 3-month contract with 3 months of free box rental, but the subscription is only free for 2 months. He then went to the singtel hotline and more than a week later, the company`s employees called him on June 13 and told him, because he had signed the agreement, that there was nothing they could do about it. Web Browser: Log in to your Starhub account, go to the icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Manage My Account”. Scroll down to “Manage my services”, select your mobile phone number and click “View & Manage”. The end date of your contract refers to your mobile phone number. Mobile app: Log in to your “My Starhub” app, go to My Account > My Subscriber Services. Scroll down to the “End of Contract” section under your mobile plan. Keverne Tee wrote: “The sales staff you met are most likely outsourced by Singtel to a 3rd party company. They usually have no control. If such an incident occurs, Singtel will only say that they are only a service provider and will be based on the agreement you have signed.

You abandoned it a long time ago. Hopeless,” “I`m deeply disappointed with the song. I have lost all my trust in you. You disgust me for your misrepresentation. Your sales staff promised me orally that I would receive 3 months of free mio TV at no cost, although I insisted that I wouldn`t want it at all. I don`t even need millions of TVs, and he said it was part of the advertising package for fiber optic broadband. He said I only had to return the box before 3 months, and I won`t pay a dime. So, of course, I just agree, even though it`s tedious for me to spend the time returning the box.

Later I found out that this was not the case, mio TV is a 3 month contract with 3 months of free box rental BUT the subscription is only 2 months free. What is that? Deliberately hidden fees to trick people for their money for this month? I have been a loyal customer for over a decade and have always recommended friends and family to Singtel. Is that what I have? I went to your call number and more than a week later, your staff called me today to tell me that I had signed the agreement and that there was nothing they could do about it? You`re even asking for proof if it`s a home visit from your business and everything is done digitally on the tablet, so how can I get proof from my side.