Adams Parents Break Custody Agreement

Chelsea said they have had the same custody deal since 2018. She explained that Adam`s parents receive one unattended visit to Aubree per month, where Lind cannot be present. Adam can only see his daughter at school events or in visiting centers. Chelsea Houska wrapped up her ninth season of “Teen Mom 2” with a bang on Tuesday night by engaging with her ex`s parents on The Visit. “I thought, `Did you want it in there?` and she said no,” Chelsea told Cole after picking up Aubree from her paternal grandparents` house. She went on to say that while the rest of the contacts in Aubree`s phone had hearts and other cute emojis around her, she simply put “Daddy” for Adam. She went on to say that Donna, Adam`s mother, is “crossing borders” and “trying to force a relationship between Adam and Aubree.” “You`re not going to talk to me like that,” she said over the phone, “the last word is that I don`t feel comfortable,” TooFab said. And when he got there, Donna asked where to pick up Aubree as soon as Adam left. .