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Stars Prenuptial Agreements

In the marital contract of Beyonc̩ and Jay Z, Beyonc̩ has a lot of influence. Their marriage contract says Beyonc̩ received $5 million for each child they have, regardless of a divorce. In the event of a divorce, Beyonc̩ will receive $1 million a year of marriage. Get the exclusive celebrity scoop on all the stars you love in front of one of your friends by subscribing to our new Straight Shuter podcast below! The life of a celebrity is not always easy Рbut we would all be happy to have millions of dollars at our disposal. And when it comes to weddings among the Hollywood elite, it becomes even more difficult to manage all that money. Many engaged couples agree on a marriage pact or contract that describes their finances if they divorce later. And for celebrities, burning with millions of dollars, these prenups can be pretty revolting. After Kim and De Kanye`s marriage contract, Kim will receive her divorce wedding ring, all Kanye`s gifts, as well as all the income she receives from television, concerts and her clothing line. Apparently, Kanye`s only condition is that Kris Jenner can`t make career decisions that influence the couple. The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA) has been considered since 1986 for pre-marital agreements in California, also known as marriage contracts or prenupes. An agreement may cover a couple`s current and future property rights as well as other marriage-related issues, but it cannot interfere with a child`s right to custody or deprive a court of the power to control custody and home visits after marriage.

It is also not known whether the infidelity clauses are enforceable in court. Celebrity relationships make more noise than the real work of the celebrity in question, so it`s no wonder that when two stars form a sacred union, commitment is high. Enter the Prenup and a first-class celebrity lawyer to elaborate the dark nitty details. From the greedy to the strange and the OMG, I can`t believe it`s true, we`ve put together the 20 craziest prenup chords in Hollywood, and the details are juicy. For more information on marriage contracts, divorce, child custody and other marriage-related matters, please contact a qualified family lawyer and divorce lawyer. We will be here to provide specialized advice in times of legal need. Jessica and Justin have a marriage deal on the fraud. If Justin cheats on Jessica, Jessica gets $500, 000. These kinds of clauses on fraud/infidelity are common in prenupes, although celebrities take it to new levels. In this famous Prenup case, Chris Rock came out on top when his marriage contract ended shortly before his divorce from Malaak Compton-Rock in 2015. Chris` wife appeared to wait for divorce until shortly after the expiration of 20-year-old prenup – Chris was given a heavy financial responsibility as a higher interest contract. Chris Rock, who is worth about $US70 million, could pay Malaak half of his assets under California`s real estate division laws.

Avoid such a mistake by hiring a lawyer to handle your marriage pact in Los Angeles. One of Hollywood`s happiest couples doesn`t seem to be in court soon, but if they did, an alleged marriage between the two Nicoles would protect himself from financial liability if Keith had been guilty of illicit drug abuse or excessive alcohol consumption.