Provincial Policing Services Agreement

The RCMP`s costly contractual oversight obligations across Canada are draining the resources of federal force tasks in areas such as organized crime and national security, an internal government meeting warns. 1.60 Each year, the RCMP makes more than $1 billion available to clients of its contract policing services (municipalities, provinces and territories) for police services. It is important to ensure that customers are not overburdened or underpaid and that they are satisfied with the way their invoices are calculated. Customers especially want to know that they have been charged accurately in the past as they prepare to renegotiate their policy contracts, all of which expire in 2012. We checked whether the RCMP billed its customers in accordance with the policy agreements and applied the terms of the agreements consistently to all customers. The government is working with the RCMP and provincial and territorial partners “to address issues of common interest,” such as police priorities and front modernization, she said. “The federal police duties have been and are still being eroded to meet the requirements of the contract,” the memo says. 1.5 While contract policing is not under federal jurisdiction, the RCMP indicates that the federal government receives benefits from providing services to provinces, territories and municipalities. He noted that Contract Police 1.89 had conducted an evaluation of its First Nations police policy program at the time of our review. The RCMP also assessed the effectiveness of its Aboriginal policing program.

However, we note that the performance of the RCMP has not been continuously monitored in the implementation of the ATC obligations. 1.40 In the absence of rcmp analysis, we requested HRMIS data that provided “snapshots” of absences per division. After looking at different appointments during the year, we chose March 31 of each year as the most complete and compared it to the same date in each of the last five years. In 2005, contract police had a federal absenteeism rate of nearly seven per cent. At the national level, it was between 1 and 10% and at the local level, between zero and thirteen per cent.