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Fedex Label Use Of This System Constitutes Your Agreement

FedEx Shipping Manager itself does not handle shipping methods and cannot display the shipping price at the checkout. In this case, we propose to use the two extensions: FedEx Shipping Manager – IM Shipping Methods to create all shipping methods with all the rules and settings you want. And get the right FedEx shipping price or set a static price. For a discount, contact us directly. You can also use Magento® standard FedEx module for the cash shipping price and connect it to FedEx Shipping Manager via Compliance of Methods. The extension creates FedEx labels based on package weight and dimensions (both are mandatory). To calculate weight, you can set the weight for all products or set the default weight and standard weight in the configuration. For packages, you can create “size boxes”: Sale -> Info Mode -> FedEx Box. Then the packaging can be manual or automatic, with a special intelligent algorithm that distributes the receiving products (s) according to their dimensions.

In this case, measurements must be made for all products (width, height, length). There are also settings to create packages for each product in one order, to select an attribute for each shipment, and to create packages by product attribute (if some products require more than one package). The administrator can create return labels from the back-end at any time. The return labels created are available to the debtor in his account on the front-end. Customers can also create a return label from their front-end account if the invoice is created and the order is “completed.” FedEx labels can be created in PNG, PDF or ZPL2/EPL2 formats for Zebra Printer baths. You can get labels in many different sizes. The Zebra printer can be connected directly to an administrator`s computer via USB or via the Internet (ip and port). To use directly connected zebra Printer (USB), you need to install a free plugin (version 2.0): This plugin will print ZPL/EPL2 labels on the Zebra printer. You can create FedEx shipping labels, return labels and “Invert” labels – shipping labels for shipping the customer to the “shipping” address. Create FedEx Shipping labels in 3 ways: To use this extension, you need a FedEx account and you have your own FedEx account information. Note that the FedEx account will not be created for sending while the extension is installed.

Click here for more information. FedEx is a U.S. company based in Memphis, Tennessee. The company is known for its overnight shipping service and pioneered a system that could track packages and provide real-time updates on the package site. With FedEx Shipping Manager, you only pay the fees that apply to FedEx when you ship packages. There are no additional fees to pay for this service. FedEx Shipping Manager Extension makes FedEx Shipping to Magento smart and easy. It allows the administrator to create and print FedEx and FedEx shipping labels. You can also create FedEx “invert” labels – shipping labels for shipping the customer to the store. You can create FedEx labels in automatic, mass and manual mode. The system automatically inserts the mailing tracking number into the shipping information block of the shipment and sends it by email to the customer.

You can define weight and dimensions and create predefined size fields for packaging. A shipper or third party can pay for shipping. You can create as many third parties as you like: Sales -> information mode – > FedEx third party. Tax and tax taxes have some options: The best place to start if you need help with a particular extension is to contact the developer. All Magento developers have listed both a contact email and a support email. . Optimization performed in some program files, settings. File removed Cron from the extension because it is not used. If you set up a few stores on a magento® installation, you can use different FedEx accounts and perform