Agreement Of Disposal

CIDL Seller disclosed these possible legal procedures in the CIDL waste disposal agreement and accepted them by the CIDL buyer. Following the conclusion of CIDL`s waste management contract, CIDL and its subsidiaries (excluding Beijing Fuli) will no longer be subsidiaries of Cosmopolitan. CidL Vendeur has agreed to reimburse up to HK 5,000,000 for the costs and expenses incurred by Cosmopolitan`s subsidiary for up to 5,000,000 HK in relation to the application of the rights of the Cosmopolitan subsidiary under the deposit contract, loan agreement and second loan agreement for a period of 36 (36) months after the conclusion of CIDL`s waste management contract. THE CIDL waste management contract is legally binding for both the CIDL seller and the CIDL buyer. The results of the legal proceedings published here in the context of this procedure therefore do not affect the financial situation or the results of the Cosmopolitan Group after the conclusion of the ICDL waste management contract.