Catch me if you can…

Anyone who is a parent has probably encountered the advise to “catch your kids being good” in response to struggles with behavior that might be less than ideal. I’ve found that people use and believe in positive discipline techniques in varying degrees. As a parent I have struggled with employing them consistently – this is not to say that I try to point out things that the kids are doing well but that sometimes the scale tips and I find myself doing a lot more of the “don’t”,”stop that” or “no” than might be ultimately beneficial for shaping behavior in a positive manner.

And so I set about thinking of a way that I could be more consistent about remembering to do this sort of thing everyday.

A while ago I was reading blogs and came across this post with a photo of this print framed. I liked the idea of a framed piece that you could alter with a a dry erase marker. Though the sentiment of “I love you because ___________” was cute. It didn’t really fit my desire to just remind the kids that I noticed that they did something that they themselves should be proud of…. I want them to develop internal not external motivation to make good choices… so I decided to create my own frame using the background from a template I already had on hand (thanks Michele from PT4P!).

it says “Ben (or Nora) , Today you…” and then at the bottom it says ” you should be proud of yourself”

I hung it at kid level right at the top of the stairs.

It has only been a couple of days but already the kids look forward to seeing what we’ve noticed  – I know that it walks a fine trying not to be a reward or gold star type of thing, but it does seem to be having a bit of an effect…I’ll keep ya posted.