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Discovery World

This weekend we visited grandparents in Milwaukee. We had yet to visit the Discovery World Museum and a winter weekend seemed like the perfect time to explore.

We had a wonderful time exploring at the Discovery World. Like many kid and science museums there always seem to be a few exhibits that are non-functional or broken or not properly explained; however, there were lots of cool exhibits that made it well worth the trip.

Ben looked at the map and picked the exhibit called The Challenge as the first stop.

I think he was surprised that The Challenge was a life size re-creation of the 1852 schooner built especially for the Great Lakes. However, he liked exporing below deck.

There was also an exhibit of simple machines. We learned lots about levers and pulleys.

Then we went to liquid house. Ben counted drips coming out of a faucet and learned how much water would be wasted per hour, week and year.

We also explored the aquarium. Ben watched the workings of the inside of a nuclear reactor. I laid on a bed of nails and much more…. there was plenty to see that we didn’t get to because there is only so much that you can do in a day before everyone gets tired.