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What I’ve been bookmarking lately

Okay so I am way, way, way, behind on all sorts of personal blog related things as my busy season is still busy. I’m finishing up edits and packaging orders. However, I continue to bookmark things that I’d like to return to later when life gets a little slower after the holidays…. thought maybe it might be interesting

Having just put together a holiday gift suggestion list for the kids and watching the catalogs stream into the house I am not really that surprised by the situation this blogger describes but I just want to know when people will stop buying into this crap.

I totally have a hankering for a photo shoot of a family in a bunch of brightly colored boots – just look at them – spring I am looking at you – and if you are interested in this for a photo shoot just let me know. It would be a fun family shoot but I am thinking a girlfriends shoots would be way cool.a bunch of adults jumping in puddles. Oh winter I am not ready for ye.

I am so busy lately that I am struggling with lots of the little everyday stuff this post talks about a new magazine looks at the everyday stuff and the photographs look neat too. Oh and if you have not checked out the blog the post link to Under the Sycamore is a nice read.

13 communication tips children teach us – nothing earth shattering here, just reminders – especially for busy people

jrh shared this link to a 80 gigapixel photo of London – very cool can’t wait to click around more

Oh and I can’t wait to spend some quality time browsing fabric at this place – and I don’t even sew!

ok back to work!