Fun in the Dells

Seeing this title your reaction probably falls into one of two camps

1. Of course you had fun in the Dells – what is not to love – it is wonderfully, water-tastic !


2. Really? You had fun in the Dells, that tourist trap of a city that has taken what was once a beautiful part of Wisconsin and made it into a cheesy way to separate people from their money.

Honestly, I was in the latter category – in my 34 years I have only been to the Dells a couple of times when I was in college and then it was for a few hours to gamble. I had never been to a water park and didn’t feel like I was missing much. I still believe that I would have lived a full and complete life without having gone, but I did have a good time on our weekend getaway with the kids and the in-laws. 

I think that it was fun primarily because ben enjoyed himself so much. He has not always been the most adventurous of kids and so I was a bit worried that he would not embrace the indoor waterpark in all of its glory, but he did – not all of it – but enough of it to make it fun for everyone.

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and the waterpark has lots for everyone of every age and adventure level to enjoy – all while indoors and pretending that it was not flurrying outside! We spent 85% of our time in the hotel – including meals (not the hotels strong suit, but edible). The accommodations were fine – a fine boutique hotel – it is not, but we had what we needed –  place to sleep and a place to hang out drink wine and play games while the kids slept.

Given that it was a waterpark, I decided not to bring big black with me on the weekend getaway – I didn’t need to have my camera  stolen or damaged for the sake of good pictures. I took Lil’ Silver and I think that she would have performed wonderfully if I hadn’t tweaked with the settings so much – I need to remember that it is a point and shoot camera and though it has the ability to run manually – pushing it to the extreme of its capabilities is not going to result in great images. However, this weekend was not about taking pics, and it was nice not to really worry about getting good pics or great light or really capturing a nice shot – we were wet and happy and that was all that mattered.

But here are a few for you to see anyway


Ben spent most of his time going down slides that were just the right size for him. I think that if we had been there for another day or two he would have tried some bigger slides, but as he told me when asked for the tenth time if he wanted to do something else "mom, I am having fun!" and I stopped bugging him to try something new. We just wanted him to have fun right?


Despite her familial reputation as an adventure baby – Nora stuck close and had a good time in her own way – enjoying to sit on the edge of the wave pool and watch things go by… I think that missing naps, a loud new place and teeth bothering her might have been a factor in this as well. Despite all of that ,Nora really was a trooper and enjoyed herself much of the time we were there.



Jrh and I even got to spend some time going down slides and floating int he wave pool – not a ton, but enough to get to feel like a kids for a few mintues – not to back for a winter weekend!