use computers too.

Today before nap Ben carefully pulled his dress up box out of the closet and into the TV room. He dug through the clothes with great determination. Got himself dressed in all his gear. Took Nora’s pop beads and assembled himself a hose. He then headed straight for his computer. When asked what he was doing he said" Firefighters use computers too!"

This cracked me up. I grabbed my camera and snapped these while Nora wiggled and screamed in my ear (I think she is getting more teeth – ugh)



Totally out of focus – but you get the idea – pretty amusing.

On an unrelated note: Ben and Nora and I started swimming lessons today. Ben did parent-tot lessons with mixed to poor success with park and rec in the past. He was stubborn, defiant, refusing to particpate in many of the activities and generally making life difficult for his dad who accompanied him to these classes. We finally stopped going because no one was having a good time and we figured we would just wait until he was a bit older. Well, he is a bit older and fresh off of the excitement of the Dells and it happened to be the start of a new session at a local swim school, so  today we signed up. Ben went to his first swim class alone. From what I could tell (I was at the other end of the pool with Nora in a parent-tot class) it went pretty well. I saw him jump of the side of the pool to the instructor (a skill he never even dared to attempt before) and he came out pretty excited to go back. So, we will see how it goes. Nora had an okay time  – in her crabby state she mangaed to crack a few smiles and let the instructor do a few of the skills with her for a short period…I thought it was going to be crazy getting us all ready to get into the water at the same time – it was no big deal…now getting everyone dry and in clothes to go back outside to the not yet spring – that was the hard part. I am exhaused.