Library Card

This weekend we while jrh was off doing the Bike the Barns ride, I took the kids to the library. Up until now we’ve just used our library card to check out books for the kids, but now that Ben is in first grade he needed his own. You see though his school has a small library, they purposely limit what the kids have in the school library so that they need to go out into the community to find out what they need to know(from libraries to experts or experiences out in the community). They have to keep their library card at school. So Ben needed his own card. I took him to the Sequoia branch library and he completed the entire process himself from asking for a card, to filling out the form to looking up a book on the computer that he wanted to find. I of course couldn’t help snapping a few pictures.

Nora really wanted a card too and at first I was thinking she could get one too, but after seeing Ben go from being a bit nervous about the process to being proud of himself for filling out the form and searching for his book, I didn’t want to take that opportunity away from Nora. She was sad/mad at me now which is hard, but I want her to feel like it is a big thing when she gets to do it later.

Now I am hoping Ben doesn’t lose the card before he gets it to school!