Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween this year sort of snuck up on us. Sure we went pumpkin picking a few weekends ago – but the squirrels and rot got to the pumpkins and we didn't replace and carve any this year.

However, we knew that Ben wanted to be a ghost and Nora wanted to be all sorts of things, mostly a pumpkin which I didn't manage to find a costume for or get motivated enough to make one in time…. in the end she loved her bee costume (so much so that she wanted to wear today) and she was darn cute.


Flying towards me…


We met up with friends (who did figure the pumpkin costume out)  for trick or treating


Ben made it about half a block before logistical issues with his chosen costume became too frustrating. First we just peeled it back and he looked like some sort of bride then we took it off completely to reveal a back sweatsuit and he became a much happier trick or treating ninja.


They all had a great time and they said many cute/embarrassing things along the way.

Ben at a door : "I am five years old and I need a piece of candy"

Nora after leaving a door "He smiled at me!"

Nora after leaving the next several doors "S/he didn't smile at me!"- even though they most certainly did.

Nora "My bucket is soooooooo heavy" said over and over even after it was emptied of candy.

This year we went from their house to ours and so the loot was out on out dining room table.


After eating lots of candy we gave them glow sticks/necklaces and they had a in the dark dance party to They Might Be Giants – courtesy of DJ Ben. We all sat around and had beer and wine….