Mother’s Day

Well it is 12:20 and Mother’s Day has come and gone. I am blowing the sleep I caught up on this morning as I sit and edit pics and write here, but oh well, it’s my day. And a lovely day it was, sleeping in, photographing my son playing in the rain, eating yummy food, not doing a stitch of laundry and hanging out with my favorite people, really what could be better.

Well, maybe the kids could have been a little less crabby and a little more cooperative. Maybe Nora wouldn’t have cried for me everytime I was in the room but not holding her. Maybe Ben could have answered jrh’s prompt "Don’t you have the best mommy in the world?" with something other than "No, I think that’s Aunt Colleen" – Ouch! Maybe the slightly under napped little boy wouldn’t have stomped up the stairs after getting reminded for the umpteenth time to keep his hands off his sister, saying "Your not my mother!" Ah, you don’t get to stop being a mother just because it is mother’s day.

I don’t mean to complain, I had a great day. I find it funny that despite the fuss (and I like the fuss) that some of the more unsavory aspects of motherhood can smack you in the face even on mother’s day (Unless you are Aunt Colleen laying on the beach in Florida 🙂 Just jealous really)  . But then again I get to have a job where I am faced with these cuties everyday. I have the best job in the world.