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Muffin Tin Lunch

I am trying to mix things up a bit this summer and so I have been trying at least one new kid thing a day. Reading other peoples blogs has been a great source of ideas. Today, I tried a miffin tin lunch. The idea is from sycamore stirrings and she does Muffin Tin Monday, but I did Muffin Tin Friday. Ben was
skeptical at first. He wanted his usual (sandwich and fruit) but in the
end he seemed to enjoy himself and eat a bigger variety of foods. Nora
seemed to have a good time though I think that she was overwhelmed by
the choice and ended up just making on big mess of the whole thing (not
unusual) and she ate less than normal (but who knows the cause of a 17 month old appetite).

Here was the tin:


Contents: Milk, TLC crackers, hummus, cherries, cheddar, strawberries, cucumbers, portabella ravioli,
edamame, pasta salad, apples, and peanut butter.

This was nora after the first bite (believe me it got much worse).  But I was doing clean up and damage control and forgot to snap an after picture.


If you have a little extra time go to Flickr and do a search for "bento" Here is a link but I am not sure if it will work). Sycamore said she was inspired by the bento groups on flickr and oh my it is quite amazing and puts my little cups to shame.