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5 things

Since I have last blogged, we have: put up our house for sale, sold our house, packed and moved into another house – all that in addition to all of the other stuff that happens in a usual summer – weddings, BBQs, family reunions, birthdays, and bike rides. Well, I am not going to write about any of that…I had a summer, it was a blur. If you are interested I did take a handful of pictures and they are on flickr. I also can't promise that I will post a lot now. You see my kids have "activities" two different music classes, swimming, Little Gym and they need people to get them there – I am not complaining, I signed up for all of that and there is so much more they could be doing, I do feel like it is a good mix, but it does take time. Then there is my business which was down to the bare bones during the summer's craziness, it is time to give it the attention it deserves. And I am on the School Board at my kid's school and the PTA Veep….however, I have all these things that I would like to blog about.. so I will, when it happens to work out for me….So today, I start out slow, I present you with 5 things…

Five things I am irritated by
1. cat puke
2. high pitched screams
3. the second bout of single parenthood in as many weeks
4. lack of chocolate in the house (this is rarely a concern of mine, but I could really go for something sweet right now)
5. my kitchen floor

Five things I am grateful for
1. the cold beer sitting at my side
2. the "this American Life" I listened to this afternoon
3. the fact that my husband's back pain seems to have subsided enough to allow him to navigate airports successfully today
4. a child who had a great extended day at school (it was the first time he went to school til 3:00)
5. that crayon comes up easily off my wood floors