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Strawberry picking

I have been wanting to pick strawberries for several years. Events and weather have conspired to make that impossible. This year we had to be out of the house on Sunday morning during the inspection, and that in combination with the fact that it was my birthday weekend, meant I got to steer what we did on Sunday morning. I love strawberries and couldn’t wait for a fun family adventure.

Nora was a great picker

jrh was a good picker too!

Ben picked a few (maybe 4)

Ben was NOT into strawberry picking

Actually the whole thing pretty much sucked. Ben was a crab (and made sure we all knew he was not happy to be there). Josh’s back hurt (though he didn’t say a word). I was starting to feel really ill (with a stomach virus that floored me for days starting like an hour after this adventure). Nora was the only one who seemed content (sort of).

We stayed for an hour and came home with a ton of strawberries. Though it may have not been the ideal day in the fields that I had in mind, hopefully all of the yummy homemade preserves will chase away the memories of a grumpy morning outing.