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Go to School Night

At a Montessori school kids don’t get grades. Sure some of the work/projects get sent home and we can see what they are working on… but much of the work in a classroom is hands on and it is about the process not the product. Because of this, our school has children invite their parents into the classroom several times a year for “go-to-school nights”. Parents are instructed to basically sit back, follow the child and let them show you anything they want. Here are a few pictures from the last go to school night of the year.

Nora punching continents

Ben teaches Josh weaving

This was Ben’s last go to school night in Anna’s primary class. Over the last three years Ben has consistently been so excited that he has trouble focusing during these nights. He flits around like a moth in a room full of lights…. but finally on this last night he seemed comfortable and calmer and in control…. I guess it really is time for him to move on…

It was a great evening. Nora missed the previous go to school night because she was sick and so we have not seen her in the classroom since the very beginning of the year. It is awesome to watch her focus and concentration while doing her work. Almost every night since the go-to-school night she asks if it is a go to school night – too cute.