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when life give you apples…

make applesauce!

Ben didn't have school on Monday and we had a bag of apples from the orchard. Nora napped and Ben and I made applesauce. The pictures could have been better and the applesauce was a bit tart (we had only a couple of teaspoons of sugar in the house – oops) but it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

First we wash the apples


Then we cut them and put them in the pot


carry the heavy pot to the stove to cook the apples


then Ben proceeded to food mill all of the cooked apples (I was impressed and he was proud). While he was doing this our cat kept walking through the kitchen and Ben kept saying to the cat "Mo, we're making applesauce and it is a process" "This is a big process Mo" "Would you like to help with our process?" "we're doing a process" Seriously cracking me up I am pretty sure I never used the word process to describe what we were doing but he applied it here.


Finally, enjoy. We took 10lbs of apples and made a ton of sauce and when Ben looked at all of the containers he said our applesauce is so "plentiful"


Ben even helped with the dishes – sweet!