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Snippets: In the Living Room

Living room scene from after school…

Sometimes Nora naps at school. Sometimes not. Then she will often cat nap in the car on the way home or on the couch after school.

Ben practicing piano. Note the bike helmet. Once it goes on it usually only comes off when he goes to bed. I think that he really does just forget that it is there.  I have seen him try to change his shirt with his helmet on (looking up confused only when he realizes that his shirt won’t fit over his head).

This mother Robin is the newest addition to the view out of our living room window. She built a nest above our front door light. It has been fun to check in on her several times a day. And we were looking forward to the arrival of her babies. However, this afternoon I peaked out to see how she was doing and the nest was gone. We had high winds and the nest blew down onto the porch. The eggs are broken and the momma is gone. 🙁