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News Flash: Ben rides a bike

It is true, Ben rode his two-wheeled bike for the first time today!

Today our friends came over to see the kitchen. The kids were playing and we were sitting in the yard having a beer chatting about bikes and out of the blue ben asked for his bike.

We got him a bike last year when he had gotten really good balancing on his glider rider. He was excited about the new bike (which we bought without training wheels) but when the time came to ride it he was not so enthused. We let it go knowing that pushing it wouldn’t help him. We would wait until the time was right.

And today the time was right. Jrh got out the bike, Ben got on and rode it. He had such a wonderful attitude. Even as he fell, struggled to get enough speed and scraped himself several times he kept trying. It was clear that he was very proud of himself and we were really proud of him too.

Looking forward to a fun-filled, bike-riding summer!