Emerging art

Ben has never been what one might call an artist. Sure he would scribble with crayons now and then or paint on occasion. Even though I left art supplies out for him to have access to, he has always seemed interested in other things. He has never drawn representational things not even a simple smiley face. So I was surprised last week when ben's assistant teacher told me that he drew the "cutest" little zoo animals to illustrate a  story he wrote in class on wednesday. I asked if she was talking about Ben and she said yes and took me to the classroom where she showed me the drawing below. I know they don't exactly look like animals, but I was really surprised (In the story it said that the lion is yellow and there are three purple monkeys and the elephant is grey) I like the elephant's trunk and that many of them have belly buttons!

Ben art 10-7-08

Well, since then he has been drawing a bunch of little guys doing various things. I just thought I would share a few with you. He says about this one "These [the guy at the top and the bottom] are the monsters and the guy in the middle is going away"

Ben art 10-14-08

The last one I think it adorable because it included his sister. He told us that it is of Ben and his sister waiting for an elevator in the orange building that will take them up five floors to the clouds.

Ben art 10-13-08