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Day 5: Stain Down, Subfloor Up

[This is part of an ongoing series chronicling our one and half week attempt to finish a handful of moderately involved home improvement projects.  See the whole series here.]

As was clear from the Day 4 post, Day 5 was primarily about staining stairs and making big progress on kitchen floor destruction.

Amy got right to the stairs, after a lot of careful tape removal (good news:  our taping worked well).  She chose to include the trim, railing, and window in the first pass, so it took a lot longer than the rest should.  We’d been hoping to get three coats in yesterday, but were only able to get two coats on, so we’ve still got a bit more of this set of stairs to do.  Fortunately, the weather (high 60s/low 70s, dry, sunny) couldn’t be better, so open windows and fans are helping keep our dry times down.

stairs - before

stairs: before staining

Amy staining landing

Amy staining landing

Amy staining stairs

Amy staining stairs

floor below the subfloor

Kitchen Floor - after day 5

Meanwhile, I started tearing into the kitchen floor in earnest.  Aside from the one square foot we prototyped last Friday night, we really hadn’t done more here than remove the quarter-round.  Before we could rip up the floor in general, the remaining appliances (fridge, dishwasher) needed to go.  The fridge was a bit tricky, between being heavy and only fitting through the door to the dining room sans doors.  The dishwasher was a piece of cake.

The sheet vinyl we’ve been living on for the past 20 months came up very easily, and I proceeded to spend the rest of the day prying up the plywood subfloor (relatively easy, once I got the hang of it after a couple of sheets) and removing the staples that had been holding it down (incredibly painstaking).  By the end of the day, I was at least 80% complete.

No album today.  We failed.  Lots and lots of Pandora, and a nice dinner with our friend Doug at our neighborhood favorite Lombardinos.

Sometime today we’ll reach the halfway point, time-wise, of the project.  While I think we’re maybe a small bit behind our somewhat naive initial expectations, and we’ve definitely had less time for lunching at all those places we never bother to go with the kids, I think we’re more or less OK.  No panic button.  Yet.  🙂