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Day 3: More Sanding, Kitchen Speakers, and Egg Hunting

[This is part of an ongoing series chronicling our one and half week attempt to finish a handful of moderately involved home improvement projects.  See the whole series here.]

Today was another short-ish day of work, though probably the last one for a while. The kids left this evening for their week with Grandmas & Grandpas, but we started the day going out for breakfast (Ben’s been wanting pancakes and the kitchen isn’t up for it), then went to Home Depot (to pick up the new range hood), and finally came home for our egg hunt (since the kids will be away for Easter).

Early in the afternoon we started moving the final stuff out of the kitchen. After more work than anticipated we got the stove moved into the dining room, and made room for the fridge and dishwasher, too.  So in order to make room for us to destroy the kitchen, the dining room is taking one for the team.  (And we’ll be eating out a lot this week.)

The in-wall speakers we ordered for the kitchen arrived today, so I cut the holes and fished guide lines through for the speaker cable. I need some more speaker cable to finish the job, but hopefully they’ll be up and running tomorrow.

Amy started working on sanding the risers, but there isn’t really anything new to show there.

We also finally got the first batch of time-lapse images from the kitchen put together.  My original plan was to have two time-lapse rigs, with one covering each project area.  But I sort of ran out of prep time after encountering some unexpected obstacles in remotely controlling the old Canon G1 I was going to use.  So we’ve only got one time-lapse setup, and it uses a pretty old & mediocre webcam, which we’ve mounted in the corner of the kitchen.  The view is somewhat limited, but it does include a bit of floor, countertop, and cabinet, as well as the sink.

Anyway, here’s the first few days of it up and running.  Nothing too exciting, but I think it’s kind of cool to watch the kitchen slowly come apart:

Ah, I almost forgot: today’s album of the day is Kate Nash‘s Made of Bricks. We first heard her recently via Pandora’s Ida Maria channel, so thought we’d give the rest of the album a closer listen.  So far, so good.