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a bit of everything

Thanksgiving weekend was a jam packed weekend of all sorts of fun stuff. The greatest part was that there was a little bit of everything….

 - a bit of work – I had a photo shoot in Milwaukee on Friday and at home we cleaned out the garage and brought in the sand toys on Sunday.

-  a bit of play – we went ice skating and played a made up indoor dodge ball game at grandma's house that made Ben squeal so loud and laugh so hard I though he would pee his pants.

– a bit of family  – we saw both sets of grandparents at various points throughout the weekend and got to see my extended family for the first time in months.

-  a bit of friends – the annual Saturday after thanksgiving celebration at Jon and Colleen's new house – lots of food, lots of booze and lots of rock band!

– a bit of time without kids – we decided to leave Nora in Milwaukee with jrh's parents on Saturday night and we had josh's cousin babysit for Ben later in that night so we  could enjoy the party without having to worry about the kids.

– a bit of time with kid – we took Ben to see the The Magic Treehouse Musical – I was pleasantly surprised both that I didn't have even the slightest bit of a hangover from the night before and that the musical was really quite good (we are a bit wary of kid musicals after seeing the painful "If you give a pig a party" musical.

I didn't take many pics this weekend (save the many pics from the paid shoot on Friday) – but there were a few snaps including

Nora and grandpa snuggling…


A few ice skating snaps…




is that a rock band in the basement? you bet



and jrh's favorite weekend activity. It got acronymized this weekend – QRT: quiet reading time. It is very cute to hear Ben say "hey mom we are having QRT – Ben re-read pippi longstocking and a good part of its sequel and josh finished a spy novel.