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Spring Break 2010 Begins!

[JRH here… I’ll be guest-blogging on Amy’s site (which is much nicer and more well-maintained than my sorry excuse for a blog) during our crazy pile of spring break home improvement work that Amy described earlier.]

Yesterday was the kids’ last day in school and our last day at our real jobs for roughly the next week and a half.  While we’ve been doing a few hours a day of work on our home improvement projects for the past couple of weeks, this marks the real start of our “Habitat for Sanity” project.

Our goals for the next 11 days are to:

  • replace the kitchen floor (currently vinyl that isn’t to our liking) with a tongue-and-groove laminate (not our ideal choice, but it’s relatively cheap and should look a lot better)
  • paint the kitchen cabinets white (they’re a medium-brown wood)
  • replace the kitchen countertop
  • replace the kitchen sink faucet
  • replace the ceiling light fixtures in the kitchen, stairway, foyer, and upstairs hall
  • paint the kitchen, back door, hallway/foyer, stairway, and upstairs hall
  • refinish the stairs (which were covered with carpet 6 weeks ago, and now show the relatively nice but banged up and inconsistently stained wood underneath)

If there’s time, we’ll also tile the backsplash above the new countertop and fix the doorbell.  If not, we’ll need to tackle that on some weekend later in April.

So, are we crazy?  Probably.

Crazy or not, I’m feeling pretty confident about it all.  We’ve prototyped nearly all of the individual tasks involved, so we should have a pretty good idea what to expect.  Of course, some aren’t very prototype-able (i.e. installing new countertops), and older houses inevitably offer surprises.

In any case, it’s going to be really fun.  And, as Nora keeps reminding us, a lot of hard work.